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nei-chrome-devtools Chrome插件


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Nei Chrome插件

前端工程师在开发页面的时候,经?;崤龅揭桓龊苁导实奈侍? 在后端接口还没开发完成时,前端怎么办?
1. 直接在代码中 mock 相应的数据。这种方案的缺点很明显,会引入无用的代码。
2. 请求转发,利用nginx或者本地server(webpack-serve)将本地开会过程中调用的接口转发到nei线上服务。查看更多

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插件名称:nei-chrome-devtools 插件作者:amibug 插件语言: 中文 (简体) 官方站点:暂无 插件唯一标识:lhkoddlalkcnmmnjkfjaaohbfeinckjn


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[De-Kavanaugh] Chrome插件

开发者插件 2020-06-10 13:06:56

It‘s just a toy text filter, it does request a permission to edit client text but it does not do anything more than a simple scan and replace, based off a template I found as a first Google result.

Save SVG as PNG Chrome插件

开发者插件 2019-05-31 01:10:43

允许您单击扩展图标或右键单击。Svg 文件,并选择将 SVG 保存为 PNG。您将能够指定渲染的 PNG 图像的所需宽度。该图像将在新选项卡中打开,您可以在该选项卡上看到它,并右键单击该选项卡将其保存到磁盘。
只有当你有。Svg 文件在自己的选项卡中打开,不能单击嵌入页面中的 svg 文件,首先必须右键单击它, 选择 “在新选项卡中打开图像”,然后转到该选项卡将其转换为 png。

Hoasted Check v1.0.10 Chrome插件

开发者插件 2019-09-25 05:14:37

This developer tool shows the IP address of the website you are currently viewing. It does not listen to DNS, but checks from which IP address the current website resources are loaded. A quick and eas

Uptrends Transaction Recorder v1.1.2 Chrome插件

开发者插件 2020-03-15 16:11:57

将您的多步骤 web 交易记录和上传到您的 Uptrends 网站监控账户从未如此简单。只需点击 “记录”,在浏览器中浏览交易步骤, 登录后点击 “上传”,将完成的录制发送到自己的录制队列。从您的队列中,将您的录音提交给我们的支持工程师进行审查!

Remember Chrome插件

开发者插件 2019-03-03 03:12:31

Remember saves your snippets.

- save your snippets
- save URLs
- many supported languages
- search
- tags
- copy to clipboard

...and more comi

staClip Chrome插件

开发者插件 2019-06-06 03:24:11

StaClip makes your life as a developer easier by helping you to copy the codes from stackoverflow, stackexchange and npmJs just by double clicking on it.

Just install this extension and hover

History Map Chrome插件

开发者插件 2016-03-30 15:13:54

Browsing with a map in hand
Can't find the past page by using Back button. Can't find the page in History. Forgotten searching keywords. Spent a lot of time, and can't find at all. Don

Color Thief Chrome插件

开发者插件 2015-04-05 09:35:19

- 在新标签中打开图像;
- 右键点击图片,选择& QUOT ;获取调色板英寸;

创建色彩的贼记者: https://github.com/lokesh/color-thief

PawClaws Chrome插件

开发者插件 2017-04-22 20:23:35

PawClaws allows you to record mouse interactions on a running website and play them back.
PawClaws is a port of the open-source software PawJS developed by Workiva https://github.com/Workiva/paw.